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Hear Indiana believes all children deserve access to high-quality hearing technology.


Technology such as traditional hearing aids, cochlear implants, bone-anchored devices, and FM/DM devices are critical for children to integrate sound in a hearing environment.

FM/DM technology helps children understand speech in classroom settings with lots of background noise and speakers up to 50 feet away. This beneficial technology is rarely covered by insurance and sometimes requires repairs or upgrades.

In addition, cochlear implant processors, cables, and batteries can be very expensive once warranties have expired. That’s why we created the Assistive Technology Loaner Bank. Now families and schools can try updated technology before buying, use a device while theirs is being fixed or replaced, and borrow technology while securing funding from their schools or other resources. Fill out an application today.



Once you submit a completed application, it will be reviewed by our team. If the appropriate technology is available, you will be contacted to make an appointment for fitting. If the technology is currently in use, you will be contacted with an approximate equipment availability date.

Our Loaner Bank Offers…

  • Traditional Hearing Aids
  • Bone Anchored Hearing Aids
  • Cochlear Implant Processors
  • FM/DM Systems
  • Roger Technology
  • Streaming Devices
  • Accessories
  • Batteries and Cables (AB and Cochlear) 

Each borrower can spend time with a professional to learn the features and benefits of the technology, as well as how it integrates with current devices, if applicable. After the trial has been completed, if the family or school wishes to purchase a similar device, Hear Indiana offers convenient payment plans.


  • Josiah's Story


Josiah is pictured here on his Cochlear Implant Activation day.

“We are extremely thankful for the loaner processor from Hear Indiana so we could proceed with surgery while we were waiting for the newest technology to be released!”  – Josiah’s Mom

Giving all children the chance to hear is at the core of our mission. In 2014, Indiana approved funding for the Hearing Aid Assistance Program of Indiana (HAAPI), providing reduced-priced hearing aids for children ages 3 and up. Using a sliding-fee schedule based on income and family size, your child may qualify for a hearing aid for the fraction of the cost. Contact us today for more information.

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