Amplifier Awards 2016 – Honoring Patty Spitler

Hear Indiana, with the help of Phonak, WISH-TV, Pet Pals TV, and Boomer TV, honored TV Personality Patty Spitler for her commitment to children with hearing loss at their second annual Amplifier Awards on Wednesday, November 9th.  Patty Spitler has helped Hear Indiana to spread the message about hearing loss in Indiana for over seven years. By publicly discussing her own challenges, Patty is reducing the stigma associated with being deaf or hard of hearing. Annually, she has created a public service announcement for Hear Indiana, which airs on WISH-TV, PetPalsTV, and BoomerTV.

In 2009, Patty was the keynote speaker at the Hear Indiana Listening and Spoken Language Conference. Since then, Patty has emceed Hear Indiana’s annual Talk Walk Run (5K – 10K) fundraiser.  She takes every opportunity to amplify Hear Indiana’s message: that with today’s technology, most deaf children can learn to listen and speak! At the event, Mayor Hogsett issued a proclamation stating that, because of Patty’s commitment to helping children and families affected by hearing loss, November 9, 2016 would be proclaimed “Patty Spitler Day” in Indianapolis!  In addition to Mayor Hogsett, Dr. Richard Miyamoto, Paul Poteet, and Mallory Hanson spoke at the event.  You can see video of the event here.

Thank you to everyone who joined us to help honor Patty!

Mayor Hogsett at Hear Indiana

Paul Poteet at Hear Indiana

Patty Spitler receives award from Mallory

Debby Knox, Dr. Richard Miyamoto, Patty Spitler