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Run for Sound Ambassadors

Our 2018 Run for Sound Ambassadors are Nolan Droese and Mallory Hanson!


"Nolan was born on Feb. 17, 2015, healthy and happy!  He “referred” on his newborn hearing screening, and then passed the 2nd test before being discharged, so we had no initial concerns about his hearing.  Fast forward several months, and still no real concerns, or at least dad didn’t.  Mom is a Speech Language Pathologist, so she was much more cognizant of the speech milestones he should achieve while developing.  Given mom’s concerns, we decided to take him to St. Vincent’s for an Auditory Brainstem Response (ABR) test in hope to rule out hearing loss, but instead he was diagnosed with a mild bilateral sensorineural hearing loss in August 2016.  

Nolan received his hearing aids in December 2016 and hasn’t looked back!  He received speech therapy through First Steps and once he turned three, we enrolled him in a developmental preschool in the Carmel school district where he interacts with other children who have developmental delays. He continues to receives speech therapy. 

Nolan is your average 3 year old – he loves to be outside, play with his baby sister, and occasionally likes to press his parents’ buttons, as most 3 year olds likely do.  He is kind, playful, and loves to laugh.  Through Nolan’s hearing loss, we have had the opportunity to interact with several great people at Hear Indiana and First Steps that we otherwise wouldn’t have crossed paths with.  Both are outstanding organizations, and any support you are able to provide makes a big difference in the lives of children!" - Mark & Annie Droese, Nolan's parents


Mallory has known Hear Indiana for a long time!