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Hear Indiana Assistive Technology Loaner Bank

Apply for loaner equipment today!

Hear Indiana works to provide children access to high-quality hearing technology. FM technology refers to a system that helps children understand speech more easily in noisy situations or when the speaker is more than six feet away. Today, nearly all amplification is compatible with small, wireless FM receiver(s). 

FM systems improve sound quality in learning environments for children with hearing loss. Hearing aids and/or cochlear implants have a limited ability to improve speech perception in noise, and children with hearing loss often struggle in a classroom environment where background noise is always present. Research suggests that poor listening conditions often lead to "listening fatigue," and thereby, reduces the child's ability to perform other cognitive tasks. An FM helps these children by eliminating background noise and bringing the teacher's voice directly to their hearing aid or cochlear implant.

Unfortunately, FMs are not likely to be covered by insurance, so Hear Indiana created a loaner bank which families can utilize while other funding (often through their school or private pay) is being secured. Please contact us today to learn more about how you can borrow an FM system for your child! Once your completed application has been received, it will be reviewed by Hear Indiana staff. If the appropriate technology is available, you will be contacted to make an appointment for fitting. If the appropriate technology is currently in use, you will be contacted with an approximate date the equipment will be available.

Watch this video to learn why an FM is so important!