The Chief Executive Officer (CEO) reports to and works closely with the Board of Directors in executing the strategic plan of Hear Indiana. In concert with the Hear Indiana Board members, paid staff members and unpaid volunteers, the CEO will be a dynamic spokesperson who advocates for those with hearing loss and will champion Hear Indiana’s mission. The CEO will help drive efforts to raise money from a variety of sources and communicate to a broad constituency the organization’s purpose and programs. In addition, the CEO will coordinate and direct the efforts of ~13 employees. In concert with these employees and the Board, the CEO will ensure continued success of Hear Indiana’s new and ongoing programs, and key signature events.



Audiology Assistant

The audiology assistant is a critical component to our pediatric audiology department and clinic. This position will be a patient’s first impression of the clinic, and it’s a job that requires people skills and organization. This role is responsible for not only coordinating clinic administrative tasks but working one-on-one with patients and their families. Independent judgment is required to plan, prioritize, and organize diversified workload for office efficiency.




The Receptionist is a critical component of Hear Indiana’s clinic team. This position could also be called the “Director of First Impressions,” as you will be called upon to interact with a diverse group of contacts. This role is responsible for coordinating office services and assists families with their concerns related to hearing loss, direct them toward appropriate services, and may enroll them for in-house services if appropriate. This position will work closely with the COO, providers, and clinic support staff and working naturally within a team environment is essential in this position.