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Developmental Milestones

The day your child gets his/her amplification is a very special day. Parents often celebrate this day as much as their child’s actual birthday! We calculate progress based on hearing age, or the number of months/years with proper amplification. For example, if Johnny gets his implant on his 2nd birthday, his biological age is two, but his hearing age is zero.

Professionals agree that children with hearing loss as their sole disability should make at least one year’s progress in one year’s time (once appropriately aided). Also, in order for Johnny to close the gap with his hearing peers, he will likely need the help of listening and spoken language specialists to make more than one year’s growth in one year’s time. If Johnny makes only three-years-growth in the three years following implantation, he will still lag two years behind his peers in Kindergarten. In other words, Johnny will be five, but his hearing age will still be three.

Listening and Speaking Milestones (Birth-Age 5)

Developmental Milestones for Young Children with Cochlear Implants

General guidelines for hearing, cognition/thinking, speech and language

Red Flags