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If your child has been diagnosed with a hearing loss, or if you are a teen/adult who is deaf or hard of hearing, we want you to know THERE IS HOPE!  Communication no longer has to be a struggle. With today’s technology most deaf and hard of hearing children can achieve age appropriate speech and language skills. Modern technologies (digital hearing aids, cochlear implants, FM systems, captioning, etc.) allow people with hearing loss to function in the hearing world.

Welcome to your community. We hope you will find “More Hope” in the menu.

And meet a family who has been with Hear Indiana since the time their son Erik was diagnosed as profoundly deaf...

Please join our Hear Indiana Facebook page, as well as a special, "closed" group on Facebook made just for Parents of Hoosier Children with Hearing Loss. Be sure to email join@hearindiana.org if you'd like to join the closed group.