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Gift of Sound & Financial Assistance

We know that if a child receives early intervention before six months of age, the child has an excellent chance of obtaining age-appropriate language skills by the time they enter first grade. Our Gift of Sound program aims to give these babies a sound start in life.  We will ensure that every baby and every child who needs hearing aids will be able to receive them, regardless of income level.





Our Gift of Sound Program is currently on hold. 

Please click fill out the to be notified when we are accepting applications. 

Email: giftofsound@shrcindiana.org


The program is:

  • Broad in Scope: For any child from birth through graduation of high school, who cannot find adequate funding for appropriate hearing aids or other assistive technology every 3-5 years or sooner if lost or damaged.
  • Flexible: There is no hard and fast income requirement, and each family’s unique needs will be reviewed.
  • Fair: Middle income families may be asked to pay a portion of the cost. Often families with greater means are asked to cover the cost of the warranty. This "co-pay" may be waived in special circumstances.  
  • A good steward of donor dollars: We may suggest a pair of loaner hearing aids while awaiting approval from First Steps or completing cochlear implant candidacy testing.  Hear Indiana will pick up what Medicaid or private insurance will not cover.

Until a public and private insurance mandate exists for full coverage, Hear Indiana is committed to meeting the auditory needs of our Hoosier children.  For the first time in Hear Indiana history, we will help secure assistive technology (e.g., hearing aids, FM systems, batteries, cochlear implant accessories) for deaf and hard of hearing children. We will work with existing funders to ensure that all Hoosier children with hearing loss receive appropriate hearing technologies.

The Gift of Sound program will pay dividends. Children who have early intervention are more likely to achieve age-appropriate language skills, which are required for school success and literacy. Children who wear hearing aids (or cochlear implants) and use spoken language skills to communicate are far more likely to become fluent readers. As a result, they are more likely to graduate from high school and attend institutions of higher learning or find work. 


This program is administered through a collaborative agreement between the fitting audiologist, hearing aid companies, and Hear Indiana. To date, we have partnerships with six clinics across the state of Indiana: Purdue University in Lafayette, Indiana University in Bloomington, HearCare Connection in Fort Wayne, The Hearing Care Center, Inc. in Clinton, Hear Here LLC in Indianapolis, and Easter Seals in Evansville. The majority of children close to Indianapolis, will be seen by Hear Indiana's audiologist at our Indianapolis location. 

Gift of Sound is made possible by generous support from: Barnraisers, Indiana Lions Speech and Hearing, Inc., Sertoma, Grainger Foundation, Exact Target, and Helping Challenged Children, Inc. Please contact us if you would like to become a partner agency or supporter. 

In the next 36 hours, another Indiana baby will be born deaf or hard of hearing. With our help, this baby (and his/her family) will have the opportunity to choose the Gift of Sound. We hope you support Hear Indiana so you can truly say, "Today I gave a child the opportunity to listen, speak, sing, and thrive in the hearing world." There is no greater gift.