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Building a Comprehensive Program of Hearing Care for Children: Early Diagnosis and Collaborative Management

A comprehensive program of hearing care for children with hearing loss requires protocols and procedures that are accurate, consistently applied, evidence based and family centered. While these are all attainable goals, many challenges and obstacles remain. This presentation will describe a collaborative approach designed to achieve optimal outcomes for children and families. Implications from recent studies involving children who are deaf or hard of hearing will also be discussed.


Patrica Roush, AuD​

Dr. Patricia Roush is Professor in the Department of Otolaryngology at the University of North Carolina School of Medicine where she specializes in working with infants and young children with hearing loss. She has published extensively and lectured internationally on topics related to pediatric audiology and hearing loss in children.





Social and Emotional Development: Stepping Stones to Positive Behavioral Health

Deaf and hard of hearing children face a number of challenges across the life span that affect their developmental, social, and educational outcomes. Although the focus is often on providing access to communication and language, children’s behavioral and emotional development is often not addressed. Children with hearing loss are at greater risk for social and emotional difficulties (Barker et al., 2009; Stevenson, Kreppner, Pimperton, Worsfold, & Kennedy, 2015; Theunissen et al., 2015). Thus, educators, therapists, and healthcare professionals must be able to identify these concerns early, in order to provide appropriate and effective interventions. This presentation will discuss what appropriate social and emotional development looks like, while also presenting the literature on what we know about social and emotional functioning in children with hearing loss. Screening measures that can be used with this population will be discussed, as well as how to identify children who may need further evaluation and support. Brief interventions that can be used with this population will also be reviewed to help foster positive behavioral and emotional health.


Ivette Cejas, PhD

Dr. Ivette Cejas is an Associate Professor and Director of Family Support Services at the University of Miami. She is a Licensed Psychologist in the state of Florida. Dr. Cejas is a well-known researcher in the area of pediatric hearing loss and is on the Board of Directors of AG Bell.