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Part One: 2020 Camper Deposit Form

Early Bird Camp Registration!

Complete your camper's deposit form by February 15th 2020 and receive a 50% discount on your deposit fee (a $25 value). Additionally, if you complete early bird registration you will receive one parent camp t-shirt -FREE!

Please note that you will need to complete THREE (3) items for you child to be fully registered for camp. At this time only Part One: Deposit Form is live. Once you complete your deposit form you will be on our contact list and we will reach out when the remaining forms are live on the website! 

1. Part One: You are on Part One now! Yippee!
Please SCROLL DOWN ON THIS PAGE to complete the 2020 Camp Deposit form. Complete the questions below and pay your deposit to hold you child's spot for camp. If you wish to return to this form in the future it can be found at HearIndiana.org/camp/campdeposit.

We look forward to having your son/daughter at Camp this summer!