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Part One: 2019 Camper Deposit Form

​New this year- Early Bird Camp Registration!

Complete your camper's deposit form by March 8th and receive a 50% discount on your deposit fee (a $25 value). Additionally, if you complete early bird registration you will receive one parent camp t-shirt -FREE!

Please note that you will need to complete THREE (3) items for you child to be fully registered for camp. The steps are outlined below. Please read the instructions carefully before proceeding.

1. Part One: You are on Part One now! Yippee!
Please SCROLL DOWN ON THIS PAGE to complete the 2019 Camp Deposit form. Complete the questions below and pay your deposit to hold you child's spot for camp. If you wish to return to this form in the future it can be found at HearIndiana.org/camp/campdeposit.

2. Part Two: The 2019 Camp Application and Fee
Part Two can be found at HearIndiana.org/camp/2019-camper-application-and-fee.  You will be asked to complete questions and pay your full camp fee. If you have applied for financial assistance (see below) you will input your discount code at the bottom of the Part Two.

3. Part Three: 2019 Camper Paperwork Packet
A packet of paperpwork will also need to be completed and scanned, emailed, or snail mailed into our office. This packet contains a camp physical. The physical form can be completed by a physician, a physician's assistant (PA) or a Nurse Practitioner (NP). Please make an appointment now, so your paperwork will not be late. Paperwork is due on May 10, 2019. Your Camper Paperwork Packet will be emailed to you when you pay your deposit. You can also find this packet at HearIndiana.org/camp/camper-paperwork-packet.

Financial Aid Information:

Financial aid is first come, first served. These funds will be available until scholarship funds are exhausted. Financial aid is need based. Click here to see if you qualify based on our sliding fee scale. If you qualify, please apply for these funds by emailing a copy of the first page of your tax return to hearcamp@hearindiana.org. Questions can also be directed to this email.

We look forward to having your son/daughter at Camp this summer!