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In 1962, during the Rubella epidemic, ten families gathered in their kitchens in Muncie, Indiana.  At that time, Indiana law stated that all children with a hearing loss over 80dB were to be institutionalized. The founding members of Hear Indiana were a group of parents who decided that their children could succeed in a mainstream education.

1962-1965 - Rubella Epidemic; hearing loss cases quadrupled.

1968 - Parents of deaf and hard-of-hearing children from across the state begin to meet.

1971 - The Indiana Association for Hearing Impaired Children (IAHIC) was formally incorporated.

1975 - Public Law 94-142 passed - First version of law that is currently referred to as IDEA.

1976 - Any child with a hearing loss greater than 85dB was automatically referred for placement at the Indiana School for the Deaf.

1976 - 1st Volunteer Executive Secretary - Dues for IAHIC were $5.

1977 - First annual educational conference held in Fort Wayne, Muncie, and Indianapolis.

1982 - First educational conference held in partnership with Ball State (Registration was $5).

1983 - First Paid Executive Secretary for IAHIC.

1983 - A two year old from Fort Wayne becomes the youngest child to receive a cochlear implant.

1985 - A 21 year old IAHIC member from Rockville becomes the first adult with congenital hearing loss (in the US) to receive a multi-channeled cochlear implant. Surgery performed by Dr. Jerry House.

1986 - Olympic Swimmer Jeff Float speaks at Annual Educational Conference.

1987 - Warren Estabrooks speaks at IAHIC Conference.

1989 - Board votes to change name to “Hear Indiana— The Association for Children with Hearing Impairment”.

1989 - Mission statement is revised.

1989 - First Youth Leadership Camp.

1990 - Dues are $10.

1991 - First Annual Golf Benefit held.

1992 - Dr. Richard Miyamoto speaks at Annual Educational Conference.

1995 - Miss America, Heather Whitestone, comes to Indiana.

1996 - 25th Anniversary Gala at Comedy Club.

1999 - Hear Indiana gets its first website.

2004 - Hear Indiana hosts Parent Advocacy Training.

2004 - First “TALK WALK” Fund-raiser held.

2005 - Board returns to 100% volunteer management.

2006 - AG BELL membership is required for HEAR INDIANA membership.

2007 - Board votes to change name to “Hear Indiana, a Chapter of the Alexander Graham Bell Association for the Deaf and Hard of Hearing.”

2007 - Board votes to use “deaf and hard-of-hearing” terminology instead of “hearing impaired”.

2008 - Board hires an Executive Director again.

2008 - Hear Indiana receives $50,000 grant from Lilly Endowment Inc.

2008 - Hear Indiana wins AG Bell awards for Best Newsletter and Best Educational Programming.

2008 - Hear Indiana raises over $25,000 at the 5th Annual Talk.Walk.Run

2009 - Hear Indiana raises $45,000 for 6th Annual Talk Walk Run.

2009 - Record set of attendance (~250) at Hear Here Conference on Listening and Spoken Language.

2009 - Patty Spitler, TV Personality and host of PetPalsTV.com become Hear Indiana's first Spokesperson.

2010 - Hear Indiana hosts Inaugural Not-So-Silent Auction to celebrate forty years of existence. This event raises over $12,000!

2010 - Hear Indiana raises $50,000 for 7th Annual Talk Walk Run.

2010 - Hear Indiana wins the AG Bell Award for Best Public Relations Campaign for Doing Deaf Differently!

2011 - We began a successful grassroots campaign to pass a new law creating the Center for Deaf and Hard of Hearing Education.

2011 - Hear Indiana raised $55,500 for 8th Annual Talk Walk Run.

2012 - Hear Indiana wins the AG Bell Award for Best Education Program and Best Advocacy Program.

2012 - Hear Indiana completed a new strategic plan with the focus of providing Hope, Education, Advocacy, and Resources.

2012 - Hear Indiana raised $70,000 for 9th Annual Talk Walk Run.

2012 - Our 30th Annual Listening and Spoken Language Conference had ~250 attendees.

2012 - The passage of House Bill 1367, which creates the Center for Deaf and Hard of Hearing Education. Governor Daniels signed HB1367 into law on March 16, 2012. For the first time in Indiana history, the law now states that parental choice will be honored.

2013 - Hear Indiana raised $70,000 for 10th Annual Talk Walk Run.

2013 - Hear Indiana begins the Gift of Sound to provide assistive technology to children with hearing loss in Indiana.

2013 - Hear Indiana hosts a week-long Listening and Spoken Language Camp with 47 campers!

2014 - Hear Indiana partners with Easter Seals Crossroads to open and operate the Speech and Hearing Resource Center through a three-year, $1.5 million dollar grant from Lilly Endowment Inc. 

2015 - Hear Indiana provided over 100 hearing aids to children who needed them since the inception of the Gift of Sound program in 2013. 

2015 - We raise $112,000 via the 12th Annual Talk Walk Run.

2015 - We have 65 attendees at camp, with a waitlist for the first time.

2015 - Hear Indiana successfully advocates that the State of Indiana support hearing aids for children. The Hearing Aid Assistance Program of Indiana (HAAPI) is founded by the Indiana State Dept. of Health with an annual appropriation of $375,000 (for at least two years). Hear Indiana applied to become the administrator of HAAPI, and the first hearing aids for a child were purchased by the State of Indiana in April of 2015! 

2016 - As a direct service provider, Hear Indiana is no longer eligible to be a chapter of the Alexander Graham Bell Association for the Deaf and Hard of Hearing. There is no longer a connection between Hear Indiana and AG Bell, and therefore, this organization assumes the previous legal name Hear Indiana. 

Join us, let’s make history together!